Nusa Penida - the scooter incident

So here goes a little explanation about the previous post...


First of all, I am not sponsored by any of the places I talk about it here!
(I wish... Lol... these places were amazing)
We had a motorcycle (scooter) in Nusa Penida and that was my experience.
Before you get impressed about all the hotel service and think that it was super expensive, wait for it, I will list all the prices at the end of this post and remember that I travel on a budget!
On our second day in Nusa Penida we decided to rent scooters to go around the island, what was and it is a great idea! Sure, if you are not comfortable on driving scooters you can get a driver that will take you everywhere around the island for an affordable price.
Because I know you are super curious about prices, here it goes. We rented the scooters at the hotel we were staying for $100K (IDR), that was around US$7 (yes, seven dollars), for a day, gas included. You can rent scooters for less if you look for it. Ask the locals and they help you with it. We rented at the hotel because was the easier thing to do, less time consuming and the price was not bad at all.


That morning we decided to go to the Broken Beach, what ended up being ironic once we both ended up broken...
Although they are working on new roads and actually laying asphalt on a lot of roads, there are still a lot of bad parts that you should be careful when riding. Just go slowly and you will be fine, you don't need to be a scooter expert to make it. Funny story, we felt on a new asphalt area... we slid on the gravel that was on top of the asphalt on a downhill curve. So don't get too excited when you see a new road, you should still be careful!
Sorry, I don't have pictures of the bad roads, I was busy driving... 

Luckily we fell in front of this place called Warung Seaview, that is around 1 mile from Broken Beach and the last warung (eatery) before it. Right after we fell the people that work at the Seaview ran to us and help us take the bikes out of the way and walked us to the warung. By the way, there was no traffic and doesn't look like they ever have. The people from Seaview were amazing and helped us with water to clean the wounds. At that moment, no one there knew English, so we "talked" to each other using Google Translator! Yes! Google Translator worked great. I was able to ask them to call our hotel, ask for ice for my broken shoulder and order food for the time we were waiting for the hotel to pick us up, because was noon and nothing makes me hungrier than breaking my collarbone, apparently...

Seaview Warung  view and "the curve"


The guys from the hotel arrived as fast as they could and the driver took us straight to the clinic.
The clinic was brand new and everyone was great at giving us attention and prompt treatment.
I ended up with a broken clavicle, ankle sprain and a really light scratch on my knee. Shout out to Lowerpro bags, my drone bag, that I fell over and protected my drone and my back! My girlfriend got some bad scratches on her leg and 6 stitches on her elbow that needed some more attention. For that my advice is, if happen with you - let's hope not, I would have the primary care in Penida and go to a clinic in Denpasar. Always keep your wound dry and clean it really well!
Clinics are paid in cash! so keep that in mind!


People in Bali are amazing! They were always nice asking us what happened and asking if we needed help.
The plan was to move and stay a little in each island. We kept the plan with some modifications, as no more swimming with Manta rays... 
After Nusa Penida we moved to Nusa Ceningan. The people from the Hotel where we were called the next hotel telling what time we would be arriving there by boat and booked the boat for us. 
Arriving in Nusa Ceningan the next hotel manager was waiting for us by the bay. Again, I was surprised by how nice and the attention that they gave us! Let me tell you that any of those places we paid more than $60/ day with breakfast!
Nusa Ceningan was a great experience and the hotel manager and staff made it good as could be. They moved us to a bigger room with fewer stairs and an awesome view of the ocean! Plus the manager himself drove us around to places, restaurants and when their car broke, he asks for restaurants to pick us up! No extra charge.


First of all: I MUST GO BACK!
People and service will always make difference in your travel experiences and people from the 3 Nusas islands were flawless in trying to make us feel comfortable and happy.

  • Scooter : Free! They returned the rental fee because we didn't use it for the whole day
  • Hotel: All the driving us around was free
  • Clinic: wound cleaning, stitches and 2 x-rays - around U$200
Semabu Hills Hotel - Nusa Penida - LINK
Villa Trevally - Nusa Ceningan - LINK
LowePro Bags - It saved my back and my drone on the accident - LINK
Parrot Drones - helped me to go places I couldn't - LINK
GoPro - LINK


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