New Posts and New Directions

How are you guys doing?

I am really happy by the number of visits the Blog is having per day!
Thank you so much!
So with that being said, I would like your opinion about topics!
I will have a new post about street food in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam coming soon, and this last month I went to Singapore, Bali, Vietnam and Brazil, so I will be posting about those places too.
But I have other topics that I can write about it if you like to read, so fell free to give your opinion about what topic you would like the most:

1 - Where to find cheap tickets and how I do it.
2 - Drone pictures
3 - Drone tips and review
4 - Keep with what you have, I like it.
5 - Some science, VR and health stuff (that'
s what my PhD is about)

Let me know here or by the PhD Abroad Instagram

and PLEASE FOLLOW THE BLOG! It will help a lot!

Thanks y'all and have a great day!

BTW, the picture is from Lums Pond - Delaware


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