How to book cheap flights

This post is about my experience on booking flights and how I do it for cheap. I will be short and straight to the point post. Message me if you like to know more.
To start, I am not sponsored by any of the products I bringing on this post! 

For some time now I've been helping friends to get cheap flights and rooms around the globe. You might have to put some work to get the best and cheaper flight around, but think that every dollar saved on flight tickets can be applied to explore the place you are travelling too. So those are my advice:

Although I have my favorite websites, my first advice is to do your own research! I always start by sites like Kayak, CheapOair and similar ones. From these websites I go to the airline company and check if they sell the tickets for the same price. If so, I buy straight from the airline.
I never had trouble with the websites that I will list at the end of this post, but I did have friends having trouble with other similar companies, with overbooking and such. So just be careful with what website you book your flights.

It is well defined that the overnight flight, so called red eyes, have the best prices. But I would still check and confirm for the day you're planning to travel.

Be aware that round trip ticked are NOT ALWAYS CHEAPER! Before I buy my tickets I go through every possible combination, individual, multi city and round trip.
My personal example:
I booked this flight with 3 weeks' advance and not in a cheap date.
Philadelphia to Singapore
Round Trip - $1250
Multiple Cities - $940
This will sound crazy, but that's what I did.
I saw that the round trip flight was Philadelphia - San Francisco - Singapore, then I went there and booked every leg separated! That's all! You will not always get this result, but it is worth it to do some simulations before buying.

Frequent travelers and researchers say that the best time to buy the air ticket is around 54 - 60 days before your travel. Personally I would say between 25 to 60 days. In certain occasions you can get cheap flights a week before, but that will be luck.

Let me start this session saying that I have an email just for this, because I sign up for every travel reward type benefit that I can.
Credit Cards - if you are about to spend more than $1000 a trip I would recommend you to look around credit cards that give you mileage and cash back. Some of them will give up to $250 back when you spend more than $1000 on the first month! That's a great help for your travel. So go research about it.
On my online research, the Credit card that most show up as one of the best is Chase Sapphire Preferred, $0 for the first year... I recommend you to go and do your own research and see what applies better to you.
Mileage - personally I am subscribed to mileage plans on 3 airline companies. Each company is part of a different "alliance" as One World, Star Alliance and Sky Team. These alliances allow you to accumulate miles across different airlines and is free to subscribe. About that... attention when you book your flight in other website then the airline website, sometimes you will not be able to get miles for it.

I am not saying that these are the best out there, but those are the ones that I use.
KAYAK - Where I usually start
BOOKING - Usually book my rooms and they have friend referral rewards
SKYSCANNER - Another good website for flights

So, that's it!
Let me know if you want me to explore any topic in more detail and if you have any questions!
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