Bali first guide - Nusa Penida, Ceningan and Lembongan

This post is about the places we stayed in Bali, prices and experiences.
Where we stayed and ate.
Unfortunately we had a motorbike accident, so I cant talk to you about the most adventurous parts at the Nusas, but I can tell you about the places we stayed and the food we ate...

It is a small airport and all went smooth at immigration. But once you get your bags and get to the arrivals, you will be overwhelmed by the number of drivers trying to get you right at the exit. They will come to you and make you offers and all.
So you have 3 options: have your own private driver, taxi or Uber.
Private driver: We had one that was referred by friends so was easy and the price was not bad at all.
Taxi: I am not a big fan, they piratically attack you to get you to go with them. I even had a driver holding my arm and telling me to go with him. Talking about prices, taxi was the most expensive of the 3 options.
Uber: works similar as every other place and the price is pretty fair. You might get a driver that does not speak English... but well, you can always use Google Translator (that's what I did).

Our first night in Bali, main island was at this place called "Villa - Abian Saba le Jardin", that we found at the AIRBNB. Unfortunately we couldn't enjoy the place much because we had plans to go to Nusa Penida early next morning. But I do recommend the place. Look nice, clean and great price.

We went to the Secret Gardens of Sambangan. The place is amazing and the guides there take you to 4 waterfalls. You will have a short walk to them and it is really worth it!
If you like jumping from waterfalls, there you have the option to jump from 5, 10 and 15 meters, plus a waterfall that you can go down as a slide. You can see better pictures or videos on my Instagram account.

Our first stop was Nusa Penida, so we went to the Sanur port to get a fast boat.
We learnt that the price for the locals is way less than what tourists will pay, but well... it is like this everywhere you go.
The people selling the fast boat tickets are a little aggressive, they will walk with you trying to sell and making you offers. We were refereed to one of them that supposedly would give us a better price. For one way to Nusa Penida I heard prices from 300k to 200k Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) per person. The best deal is to buy a round trip ticket right away.
Some people buy tickets in advance in websites, that might be another option if you dont want to hassle a little for prices once you are there.

The fast boat takes around 30 min to Nusa Penida. 
At Nusa Penida we stayed at the Semabu Hills. The place is amazing and the staff is incredible! Again, no one paid me for this review, but I am so happy with their service that I have to tell everyone! 

At Semabu Hills you can rent a motorbike to go around or you can ask them to set up a driver for you. We rented motorbikes (Scooters). That's where the story begins... 
We were driving to the Broken beach and we ended up in an accident. The hotel pick us up, took us to the clinic and waited there until we were ready to go back to the hotel. The clinic is brand new as the staff and they did their best to help us.
At this moment we were broken and was hard to walk around... but was not that bad to be injured with this view...

Facebook , so you can read some reviews:  Semabu Hills Facebook

From Nusa Penida we got a boat to Nusa Ceningan, Where we stayed at Villa Trevally.
This was another amazing place! We were injured and the manager from Villa Trevally drove us around to restaurants and to touristic points!
Plus, having the secret beach as a private hotel beach was not bad at all...


Because we love to eat, I have to recommend a couple places in Nusa Ceningan that you must go!
For lunch: Dunki Bendega. Is a really chill place close by Villa Trevally


Dinner: Sea Breeze and Le Pirate

Unfortunately, because of our "situation", we couldn't do much but the hotel manager found us a driver that drove us to some places.



Well... That's all for now...
Let me know what you guys want to know!
I will have more detailed posts later on.


  1. Some great recommendations - your accommodation options looked fantastic! I’d love to visit and see those waterfalls and beaches.

  2. I've been to Bali twice, but not yet to the Nusas! So, now I know where to go, stay and definitely what to see. I also avoided the taxis in Bali and stuck to Uber.

  3. I know the feeling of being bombarded by taxi drivers like that~ Its the same with Indian train stations!

  4. This Post Is Very Wonderful and Really Useful..
    Thank You So Much For Sharing Dear..



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